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Our law firm assists individual and corporate clients with a wide range of legal matters focusing on personal law, family law, corporate and investment, Commercial Law, civil law, contracts and agreements, employment law, tax law, criminal law, and information and communication technology. Matters of personal interest, integrity and willingness to speak with clients in plain language about their legal matters. Despite the complexity of their legal issues, clients rely on us to provide them with customized legal services targeted to their specific circumstances.

administrative judiciary and the Supreme Administrative Court Law Firm in Egypt

administrative judiciary and the Supreme Administrative Court

Administrative judiciary oversees government actions' legality. The Supreme Administrative Court, apex in many systems, hears appeals on administrative decisions, ensuring fair, just, and lawful governance.
administrative law Law Firm in Egypt

administrative law

Administrative law regulates government actions, ensuring fairness, accountability, and legality in administrative processes. It governs interactions between citizens and administrative agencies, balancing public interest with individual rights.
air law Firm in Egypt

air law

Air law, or aviation law, governs civil aviation, encompassing rules for aircraft operation, air traffic management, safety, and international agreements. It ensures a secure and orderly global airspace, addressing issues like liability, environmental concerns, and aviation rights.
civil law Firm in Egypt

civil law

Civil law governs private disputes between individuals or entities. It covers contracts, property, family matters, and torts, aiming to resolve conflicts and compensate for harm. In contrast to criminal law, civil law focuses on compensation rather than punishment.
commercial and corporate law Firm in Egypt

commercial and corporate law

Commercial and corporate law regulate business activities. Commercial law deals with transactions and contracts, ensuring fair trade. Corporate law governs the creation and management of companies, addressing issues like corporate governance, mergers, and shareholder rights, promoting lawful and ethical business practices.
criminal Law Firm in Egypt

criminal law

Criminal law defines offenses against the state or society, prescribing punishments. It encompasses a range of crimes, from theft to violent acts. Its primary goal is to maintain public order, deter criminal behavior, and seek justice through punishment or rehabilitation.
cybercrimes Law Firm in Egypt


Cybercrimes involve illicit activities conducted through digital means, such as hacking, fraud, and online theft. Perpetrators exploit vulnerabilities for financial gain or to disrupt systems, posing threats to data security, privacy, and the overall integrity of digital networks.
debt Collection Law Firm in Egypt

debt Collection

Debt collection involves the pursuit of owed payments by creditors from individuals or businesses. It includes communication, negotiation, and legal actions to recover outstanding debts, ensuring fair practices within the bounds of relevant laws and regulations.
drafting contracts Law Firm in Egypt

drafting contracts

Drafting contracts involves creating legally binding agreements between parties. It requires precision, clarity, and consideration of terms, conditions, and obligations to prevent disputes. Legal professionals meticulously structure documents to safeguard interests and ensure enforceability.
establishment and registration Trademarks Law Firm in Egypt

establishment and registration Trademarks

Establishing and registering trademarks involves securing exclusive rights to unique symbols, names, or logos for goods or services. This process, often done through legal channels, safeguards brand identity, fosters consumer trust, and prevents unauthorized use, contributing to a company's distinct market presence.
foreigners affairs and consular services Law Firm in Egypt

foreigners affairs and consular services

Foreign affairs and consular services manage diplomatic relations and provide assistance to nationals abroad. Consulates offer passport issuance, visa processing, and aid during emergencies, ensuring the welfare and protection of citizens in foreign countries.
immigration and nationality services Law Firm in Egypt

immigration and nationality services

Immigration and nationality services regulate entry, residence, and citizenship. They process visas, handle naturalization, and enforce immigration policies, contributing to demographic diversity and national identity while ensuring compliance with legal frameworks and safeguarding national security.
intellectual property Law Firm in Egypt

intellectual property

Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions, designs, and artistic works, protected by patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. This legal framework fosters innovation, creativity, and fair competition, ensuring creators' rights and promoting a dynamic economic environment.
internal and international arbitration and enforcement disputes Law Firm in Egypt

internal and international arbitration and enforcement disputes

Internal and international arbitration are alternative dispute resolution methods. They offer private, efficient resolution of conflicts outside traditional courts. Enforcement mechanisms ensure awards are recognized and executed, contributing to a streamlined, impartial, and globally accepted means of settling disputes.
labor and social security Law Firm in Egypt

labor and social security law

Labor and social security law governs employer-employee relationships, addressing rights, duties, and working conditions. It ensures fair treatment, occupational safety, and access to social benefits, fostering a just and balanced work environment that prioritizes employee well-being and social welfare.
litigation Law Firm in Egypt


Litigation involves legal proceedings to resolve disputes in courts. Parties present evidence, arguments, and seek a judicial decision. It's a formal process addressing civil or criminal matters, ensuring fair and impartial resolution while upholding the rule of law.
maritime Law Firm in Egypt

maritime law

Maritime law governs activities at sea, covering shipping, navigation, and marine commerce. It addresses legal aspects of shipping accidents, cargo disputes, and environmental concerns, ensuring order and accountability in the maritime domain.
personal status and family Law Firm in Egypt

personal status and family law

Personal status and family law regulate relationships and responsibilities within families. Covering marriage, divorce, child custody, and inheritance, it aims to provide legal frameworks for domestic affairs, promoting stability, fairness, and the protection of individual and familial rights.
real estate services Law Firm in Egypt

real estate services

Real estate services involve buying, selling, and managing property. Professionals facilitate transactions, offer market insights, and handle legal aspects. From property valuation to lease agreements, these services ensure efficient, lawful, and transparent dealings in the dynamic real estate sector.
taxes Law Firm in Egypt


Taxes are mandatory financial contributions imposed by governments on individuals and businesses to fund public services. They serve as a primary revenue source, supporting infrastructure, education, healthcare, and various government functions, ensuring the equitable distribution of financial responsibilities within a society.
taxes Law Firm in Egypt

Banking insurance and financial markets

Discover unparalleled legal expertise tailored for the dynamic realms of banking, insurance, and financial markets with Essam Salem Law Firm. Established in 1998, our seasoned attorneys offer strategic guidance and innovative solutions to navigate regulatory complexities, safeguarding client success in Egypt and throughout the Middle East.
real estate services Law Firm in Egypt

Energy oil and gas

Unlock Egypt's energy sector potential with Essam Salem Law Firm. Trusted legal expertise since 1998. From renewables to traditional energy, we guide your success.
taxes Law Firm in Egypt


Essam Salem Law Firm's expert guidance in pharmaceutical law and regulation. From compliance to IP protection, trust our seasoned attorneys to navigate your journey to success.
taxes Law Firm in Egypt

Technology and telecommunication

Step into the future of legal expertise with Essam Salem Law Firm. From regulatory navigation to strategic vision, we're committed to propelling your success in the digital sphere. Connect with us for tailored guidance on technology and legal solutions.
real estate services Law Firm in Egypt

Tourism and hospitality

Unlock Your Tourism Business's Potential in Egypt with Essam Salem Law Firm. Trusted Since 1998, Our Legal Expertise Navigates Complexities, Ensuring Compliance and Seizing Growth Opportunities. Partner with Us for Success Today!
taxes Law Firm in Egypt

Trading and manufacturing

Navigate the legal complexities of trading and manufacturing in Egypt with Essam Salem Law Firm. Expert guidance for compliance and growth in a competitive market.
taxes Law Firm in Egypt

Transportation and logistics

Unlock the potential of Egypt and Middle East transportation and logistics with tailored legal expertise. Seamlessly navigate compliance and innovation for success.

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Specialties of our team of lawyers Essam Salem Law Firm

Legal advice and representation

We offer legal advice and representation on a wide range of matters, such as business law, employment law, family law, intellectual property law, real estate law, and more.

Document drafting and review

Our legal team can skillfully draft and review various legal documents, such as contracts, agreements, and letters, tailored to meet our clients" unique needs.

Pleading, litigation and dispute resolution

Our legal team can skillfully draft and review various legal documents, such as contracts, agreements, and letters, tailored to meet our clients" unique needs.

Criminal defense

We offer legal representation to clients who are facing criminal charges. Our team of experienced criminal defense attorneys has a deep understanding of the criminal justice system and can provide effective advocacy for our clients.

Immigration services

Immigration law is a complex and constantly evolving field. Our firm has the expertise to help clients navigate the various processes involved in obtaining visas, green cards, and citizenship. We also provide legal representation to clients in deportation proceedings and other immigration-related legal matters.

Corporate and business law services

We offer legal services to businesses, including advising on corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, and regulatory compliance. We understand the complex legal landscape in which businesses operate and can provide practical and strategic advice to help our clients achieve their goals while minimizing legal risks.